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Xianglan Chen

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Professor Xianglan Chen, Professor of the CCSL at the BLCU, PhD Supervisor

Professor Xianglan Chen

PhD Supervisor


Main Essays

Attention to the Pictorial and Text of Menu with Metaphorical or Metonymic Names: An Eye Movement Experiment,Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management.2020

An ERP study of the processing of epistemic modality adverbs yuxu and yiding in Mandar in Chinese,Neuroscience Letters,2019

The length of preceding context influences metonymy processing: Evidences from eye tracking experiment, the Review of Cognitive Linguistics,2018 (submitted and in processing) 2019

Metonymy matrix domain and multiple formations in Indirect Speech Act. in Benczes, Reka, Antonio Barcelona Sanchez & Francisco J. Ruiz de Mendoza Ibanez (eds.) What is Metonymy? Defining Metonymy in Cognitive Linguistics John Benjamins. 2011.

An Attempt at Building a Consensus View on the Delimitation of the Nation of Metonymy in Cognitive Linguistics. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins,28 (2011)

Cognitive linguistics research on the threshold of great changes  in thinking style and the epistemic instrument in Zhuan Xiangzhi(eds.) Development of Chiese Foreign Language teaching Forrum. Shanghai:Foreihn language Education  Press.2009.

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