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Lingxi Lu

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Name and title:

Lingxi Lu, Associate Professor



501 Zonghekeyan Building

Areas of Expertise

cognitive neuroscience in language, speech perception and comprehension, auditory system, speech-in-noise recognition

Current Research

Lu’s laboratory will focus on the exploration of the neural mechanism underlying speech perception and comprehension. The lab will combine electrophysiological recordings, magnetoencephalography, functional brain imaging and psychophysical methods to study the neural networks in both adults and children at different levels.

Education Experience:

Ph.D., Basic Psychology, School of Psychological and Cognitive Sciences, Peking University, China


Lu, L., Sheng, J., Liu, Z. Gao, J.-H.* (2021) Neural representations of imagined speech revealed by frequency-tagged magnetoencephalography responses. Neuroimage, 229: 117724.

Lu, L., Ding, Y., Xue, C., Li, L.* (2021) Negative emotions in the target speaker’s voice enhance speech recognition under “cocktail-party” environments. Attention, Perception & Psychophysics, 83: 247-259.

Wang, J., Chen, J., Yang, X., Liu, L., Wu, C., Lu, L., Li, L., Wu. Y.* (2021) Common Brain Substrates Underlying Auditory Speech Priming and Perceived Spatial Separation. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 15:664985.

Liu, Z., Nan, Y., Lu, L., Cui, W., Ge, J.*, Gao, J.-H.* (2020). Cross-domain effect of pitch processing in lexical and melodic contexts reflected by non-musicians: An MEG study. Human Behaviour and Brain, 1(7): 85-90.

Liu, Z., Shu, S., Lu, L., Ge, J.*, Gao, J.-H.* (2020). Spatiotemporal dynamics of predictive brain mechanisms during speech processing: an MEG study. Brain and Language, 203:104755.

Lu, L., Wang, Q., Sheng, J., Liu, Z., Qin, L., Li, L., Gao J.-H.* (2019) Neural tracking of speech mental imagery during rhythmic inner counting. eLife, 8, e48971.

Wu, C., Ding, Y., Chen, B., Gao, Y., Wang, Q., Wu, Z, Lu, L., Luo, L., Zhang, C., Bao, X., Yang, P., Fan, L., Lei, M., Li, L.* (2019). Both Val158Met Polymorphism of Catechol-O-Methyltransferase Gene and Menstrual Cycle Affect Prepulse Inhibition but Not Attentional Modulation of Prepulse Inhibition in Younger-Adult Females. Neuroscience, 404, 396-406

Lu, L., Bao, X., Chen, J., Qu, T., Wu, X., Li, L.* (2018) Emotionally conditioning the target-speech voice enhances recognition of target speech under "Cocktail-Party" listening conditions. Attention, Perception & Psychophysics, 80(4), 871-883.

Lu, L., Zhang, C., Li, L.* (2017). Mental imagery of face enhances face-sensitive Event- Related Potentials to ambiguous visual stimuli. Biological Psychology, 129, 16-24.

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Zhang, C., Lu, L., Wu, X., Li, L.* (2014). Attentional modulation of the early cortical representation of speech signals in informational or energetic masking. Brain and Language, 135: 85-95.

Kong, L., Xie,Z. Lu, L., Wu, X., Li, L.*(2012). Sensitivity to a break in interaural correlations comodulated by intensity level and interaural delay. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 132(2), 114-118.

*Corresponding Author

Classes Taught

Cognitive Neuroscience

Seminar on auditory speech perception

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