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王建勤等 Word or morpheme? Investigating the repr International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism 2021 details
陈香兰等 COVID-19 and unpaid leave: Impacts of ps Tour Manag Perspect 2021 details
陈香兰等 Understanding Consumer Travel Behavior d Sustainability 2021 details
李乐等 Eight-week antidepressant treatment redu Hum Brain Mapp 2021 details
李乐等 Stability of dynamic functional architec NeuroImage 2020 details
陈香兰等 An ERP study of the processing of episte Neuroscience Letters 2019 details
陆灵犀等 Neural tracking of speech mental imagery eLife 2019 details
陆灵犀等 Emotionally conditioning the target-spee Attention,Perception & Psychophysics 2018 details
陆灵犀等 Mental imagery of face enhances face-sen Biological Psychology 2017 details
李乐等 How bilingualism protects the brain fro Human brain mapping 2017 details
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