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Center for the Cognitive Science of Language

Center for the Cognitive Science of Language (CCSL) at Beijing Language and Culture University is an international and open research institution that was founded based on “Discipline Innovation and Intelligence Introduction Program”, with the support from China’s Ministry of Science and Technology as well as Ministry of Education. CCSL is a diverse department of researchers bound together by a common desire to push the boundaries of science to understand cognitive science of language and take it as the core of our disciplinary construction. CCSL is comprised of five research areas, including Chinese as Second Language Acquisition and Cognition, Bilingual Language Acquisition, Cognitive Neuroscience, Language Cognition, and Cybrain Research.

CCSL features itself by world-class international research team construction. We dedicate to bringing in top scholars from the world’s top 100 universities or research institutions. Up to now, CCSL’s international team owns over 10 international leading scholars and academic talents. All these experts come from world-famous universities with high academic reputation and prestige. The domestic research team is a group of well-known domestic professors, associate professors, doctors, and post-doctors.

Two research teams jointly train Cognitive Science of Language postgraduate students, with the common goal of cultivating top interdisciplinary talents, obtaining the capability of teaching lectures and conducting research in the field of Cognitive Science of Language with international academic horizon of both liberal art and science. CCSL takes subject innovation as the primary goal, with the aim to construct Cognitive Science of Language as a new cross-discipline subject across linguistics, cognitive science, computer science and neuroscience.

CCSL benefits from the availability of state-of-the-art experimental facilities and environments. The “Language Acquisition and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab” consists of Eye-tracking Lab, experimental phonetics Lab, EEG/ERP Lab and fNIRS Lab. Researchers in CCSL are proficient in fMRI, MEG, fNIRS techniques. CCSL strives to build an international and open laboratory of language cognitive science and to serve the national science and technology development strategy and Chinese Language Spread strategy.