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Le Li

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Name and title:

Dr. Le Li

Associate research fellow of the CCSL at the BLCU, Master Supervisor




Areas of Expertise

Cognitive neuroscience of language

Current Research

Apply neural imaging techniques (especially fMRI) to explore the neural representation and processing mechanism of Chinese, the neural basis and plasticity of second language acquisition.

Education Experience:

Ph.D. in Psychology, Beijing Normal University, 2017

B.S  in Psychology, South China Normal University, 2011


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Li Le, Lu Bin, Yan Chao-Gan. 2020. Stability of dynamic functional architecture differs between the brain networks and states. Neuroimage, 216: 116230.

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Professional Activities

Reviewers: Brain and Language; Human Brain Mapping; Frontiers in Psychology; NeuroImage: Clinical; Psychological Reports

Classes Taught

Experimental design and data analysis (graduate student)

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