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Professor Marcus Taft Opens a New Course at CCSL:

time:2022-05-26 views:

On May 20, 2021, at the invitation of the CCSL, Professor Marcus Taft opened an international postgraduate course for the teachers and students of Beijing Language and Culture University. The course is entitled Experimental Design and Research online. the first lecture is titled "Researching the cognitive psychology of language". The international course is Researching the Cognitive Psychology of Language. The ZOOM online conference format has attracted more than 40 teachers and students from inside and outside the university.

In this course, Professor Marcus Taft will focus on two parts: research methods of cognitive psychology and how to develop research questions. First of all, Professor Taft started from the perspective of comparison, referring to "Morphology" as an example, and around English word prefixes, he explained different research methods in linguistics, psycholinguistics and cognitive psychology from three aspects: research problems, evidence and conclusions. Secondly, as to how to develop the research question, Professor Taft suggests starting from a broad perspective, gradually focusing on a specific question, referring to the existing literature, and thinking about the theoretical framework of the research question. Finally, Professor Taft inspires and guides teachers and students through specific examples based on his own research.

During the question-and-answer session, the audience actively asked questions. The teachers and students raised various queries about the course content and study, and Professor Taft patiently and enthusiastically answered them in detail. He encouraged more academic discussion. Professor Taft's courses are rich in content and easy to understand. The class atmosphere is relaxed and interesting, and the teachers and students attending the class have benefited a lot.

Please pay attention to the official account of CCSL. Let's look forward to Professor Taft's next class together!