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CCSL Conducts Training of Safety Education of Lab Use

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On March 24, 2022, at the begining of the new semester,the Language Acquisition and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory of CCSL launched a new round of safety education and training, and all postgraduate students in CCSL participated in the activity.

According to the relevant regulations of the China’s Ministry of Education and BLCU,  the Language Acquisition and Cognitive Neuroscience laboratory, as a vital part which serves for scientific research, should regularly carry out safety education activities. Affected by the epidemic, this event was represented in a virtual way, and it mainly covered five following aspects: fire safety, electricity safety, water safety, ethical and moral risks of human subjects, laboratory opening and online appointment operations, etc.

We organize Laboratory safety education to prevent problems before they occur. In the future, our laboratory will hold education and training from time to time, and organize postgraduates at CCSL to participate in fire drills after the epidemic has eased and students return to school.