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CCSL Holds the Study-plan Exchanging Meeting for Freshmen

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On September 25, the Graduate Student Association of Intelligence Introduction Base held a study planning exchange meeting for new graduate students. The exchange meeting specially invited four outstanding graduates from previous years to have online communication with freshmen students as guests to answer questions and answer questions for everyone. The four specially invited guests are: Gao Sichang, a teacher at Shanghai International Studies University, Wang Wei, a teacher at the primary school affiliated to Beijing Chaoyang Normal School, Huang Huan, a PhD student at Massey University in New Zealand, and Chen Xin, a PhD student at Fudan University. The exchange meeting was presided over by Tang Yingjuan, chairman of the base seminar. More than 50 graduate students of our school attended the exchange meeting.

First of all, Chen Xin talked about her own experience and personal experience on how to plan her research life, how to relieve the pressure and anxiety during graduate school, and how to prepare for the exam, which provided reference for freshmen to plan their graduate life and also inspired them. . Finally, Senior Sister Chen Xin also put forward some tips on study and life to the new graduate students, calling on the new students to study English well, usually pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and also pay attention to broadening their horizons while mastering new knowledge.

Huang Huan, another school senior, gave a brief summary of the life of graduate students, emphasizing the importance of tutors and teams, and personally taught some experiences in daily study and reporting literature, that is, always thinking about two questions "What’s new? What’s next?". When talking about the choice of Ph.D., she believes that Ph.D. is a possibility in life. There is no right or wrong to choose any path. The key lies in interest and persistence.

After that, the shool senior Wang Wei talked about her views on how to choose a tutor and how to arrange the study and life of graduate students. It also gave a series of detailed planning procedures on how to become a teacher, and provided good suggestions to students who want to become teachers in the future, and they have a certain inspiration for students who are confused about employment.

Then, the school senior Gao Sichang gave a systematic and detailed summary introduction on how to plan the study and life during the postgraduate period, how to communicate with the tutor, how to publish thesis during the postgraduate period, and the problems of PhD and employment. Senior Sister Gao Sichang is currently a master's tutor, from the perspective of the tutor, she talked about some problems that might be encountered in graduate study and research, and also gave suggestions on how to communicate with the tutor from her own experience.

Finally, in the interaction part. The students actively raised many questions, and several senior sisters gave meticulous and patient answers to solve the students' doubts.

Stepping into a new environment and ushering in a new semester, freshmen and students often feel confused and overwhelmed. This postgraduate freshman study planning exchange meeting helped postgraduate freshmen to clarify the direction of their study and life during the postgraduate period, and eased their anxiety towards the unknown. Through the exchange meeting, the new students will have clearer goals and high confidence in their new studies, so that they can spend the graduate activities more steadily and smoothly.