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The Center Organizes Exchange Meeting for Freshmen and Tutors

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On the morning of September 14, 2020, the mentor and freshman meeting was held at the Center for the Cognitive Science of Language. The director of the cneter, Professor Wang Jianqin, all mentors, new graduate students, and some old graduate students attended the meeting.

First of all, Professor Wang Jianqin gave a detailed introduction to the center. Professor Wang introduced the center's subject characteristics and professional direction, development goals and positioning, researching and teaching group, and research environment. Secondly, Professor Wang Jianqin also made suggestions on how to choose tutors for new graduate students. He believed that graduate students should fully understand the tutor’s professional direction and research field, correctly handle the relationship between personal research interests and rational choices, and clarify their future development direction and career plan. When choosing a mentor, you should know the enemy and yourself.

Afterwards, six postgraduate tutors, including Professor Xianglan Chen, Associate Professor Jiang Rong, Dr. Wei Yanjun, Dr. Yang Qun, and Dr. Li Le, gave speeches successively. They introduced their personal research fields and research directions in detail. Professor Chen Xianglan introduced the subject information, research direction, team status, and courses offered. Associate Professor Jiang Rong also expressed his expectations for the future of graduate students while explaining the subject positioning, research direction, and research purpose. Whatever choice is made, you must be brave to persist, do your best, and live up to your youth; Dr. Wei Yanjun introduced his personal experience and the status quo of team research, as well as the experimental techniques and methods that freshmen need to master in the next three years, and pointed out the students The importance of cultivating good training methods and thinking habits; Dr. Yang Qun introduced his own research background, research work, methods and techniques used in the research, and suggested that students should be proficient in at least one technique; Dr. Li Le is more Explained in detail the personal research direction and the methods and techniques used in the research, and also introduced the problems and meanings that these research institutes can solve; finally, Professor Wang Jianqin conducted research on the current status of the base and the direction and concerns of his own research Detailed introduction and summary.

The final part of the meeting is the discussion between teachers and students, and the tutors gave detailed answers to the questions raised by the freshmen. This meeting between mentors and freshmen helped them to deepen their understanding of the center and mentors.

In order for the freshmen to have a deeper understanding of the tutor and the center, the staff of the center also arranged an exchanging time between old and fresh students, additionally, the teacher guided the freshmen to visit to the base laboratory, and each tutor designed a freshman trial course.