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CCSL Holds the 2nd Postgraduate Student Union Election Meeting

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On October 12, 2020, the Cener for the Cognitive Science of Language held the second postgraduate student union election meeting, and all postgraduate students of the center participated in the general meeting.

First of all, Tang Yingjuan, the chairman of the first seminar of the center, reported on the main work status of the graduate school in the past year, and gave a detailed introduction to the institutional setting, responsibilities, purpose and service concept of the union. Secondly, according to the general election method of the wisdom introduction base, in line with the principles of democracy and fairness, fairness and openness, eight seminar cadre candidates delivered election speeches in turn. They introduced themselves, and discussed their intentions, campaign goals, and job ideas. The candidates were open-minded and confident, and their wonderful speeches and outstanding performance won rounds of warm applause. After the election speech, all students voted by secret ballot and voted on the spot. After the election results were announced for three days, the second graduate student council was formally established.

The 2nd student union election marked the beginning of a brand new journey. It is believed that the members of the new seminar can uphold the fine traditions of the seminar, devote themselves to future work in a positive and full state, and work together to add luster to the development of the base seminar!

The list of cadres of the second student union of the CCSL:

Chairman of the Presidium: Zhao Cheng 

Vice Chairman: Hu Huiyi

Office Director: Wang Huiping Deputy Director: Xu Yaqiong

Minister of Academic Department: Xiao Zhe Vice Minister: Zhang Yun

Minister of External Relations Department: Li Jing Vice Minister: Jiang Xueqing

Contributor: Xu Yaqiong