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The Labor Union and Student Union of CCSL Organizes "Brisk Walking" Activity in Olympic Park

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On October 23, in such a wonderful season, the autumn breeze is blowing cool. In order to enhance the physical fitness of teachers and students, and strengthen the relationship between teachers and students, the labor union and student union of the CCSL held a 5km walking activity in the Olympic Forest Park. All teachers and students of the base participated in this activity.

When setting off, everyone was enthusiastic. After arriving at the starting point of the Olympic South Park, the teachers and students took a group photo first. After informing the safety precautions and the time of the event, they started the 5km "stride walk" in the South Park. During the activity, teachers and students admired the autumn scenery of Olympic Park while walking, realizing the "double harvest" of exercising and enjoying the autumn scenery, and spent an unforgettable and meaningful sports time together. At 5 o'clock in the afternoon, the activity ended successfully and all teachers and students returned to the school safely. The labor union and the  student union also specially prepared prizes for participation in the event to encourage and reward everyone for their active performance in the event.

The walking activity brings the teachers and students of the base together, which not only allows the teachers and students to exercise their bodies, but also strengthens the relationship between teachers and students. The activity was meaningful and made everyone feel the warmth and harmony of the CCSL family, and everyone expressed that they are looking forward to the next event.