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Dr. Yanjun Wei’s  Humanities and social science research on Youth Fund Project was Approved by Chinese Ministry of Education

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Recently, Dr. Yanjun Wei, a researcher at CCSL, was awarded a youth project of the Ministry of Education in Humanities and Social Sciences. The project was named "Behavioral and EEG Research on the influence of Block Training and rule Training on the Acquisition of Chinese Second Language in terms of motor and Junctional Patterns".

Information: Conjugating is one of the most distinctive syntactic structures in Chinese. Cross-language differences often lead to difficulties in acquiring conjugating as a second language. In the Chinese teaching circle, there is a debate on whether the articulation is a holistic teaching of "chunks" or a syntactic analysis teaching based on "rules". This project intends to use the training paradigm and EEG experimental technique to compare and investigate the cognitive neural mechanism of different training methods, such as block-based training and rule-based training, which affect the acquisition of implicit and explicit knowledge in Chinese second language. It is expected that the research results will provide empirical evidence for the cognitive neural mechanism of block teaching and rule teaching, and provide reference for block teaching and rule teaching in Chinese teaching.