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Prof. Jianqin Wang , Director of CCSL, was hailed as the top contributor of 2022 China

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Prof. Jianqin Wang , director of the Center for the Cognitive Science of Language of Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) and doctoral supervisor, has been included in the list of "2022 China's Top Contributors" officially released by Cuaa.Net, a national third-party university evaluation and research institution.

The list is based on the National Teaching Achievement Award, National Science and Technology Award, China's Top Ten Science and Technology Progress Award, Top Ten Advances in Chinese Science, Top Ten Science and Technology Progress Award of Chinese Universities, Ministry of Education's Excellent Achievement Award for Scientific Research in Higher Education (Humanities and Social Sciences), National Repository of Philosophical and Social Science Achievements, Ministry of Propaganda's Ma Project Key Teaching Materials, Chinese Government Publishing Award (Book Award), Ministry of Propaganda's Five-One Project Award (Book Award), and China's Ministry of Propaganda's Five-One Project Award (Book Award). Award (Book Award), China Patent Award (Invention Patent Award), China Standard Innovation Contribution Award, and other important indicators for selection. In the list of "2022 Chinese High Contribution Scholars", 62 scholars from Chinese language universities were selected.

Introduction of Pro. Jianqin Wang

Jianqin Wang , Doctor of Letters, Professor, Director of the Innovation and Wisdom Introduction Base of Language and Cognitive Science Discipline of Beijing Language and Culture University, PhD supervisor and master supervisor of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, PhD supervisor and master supervisor of Language and Cognitive Science, PhD supervisor of Chinese International Education of Macau University of Science and Technology.

Basic information: He was a visiting scholar at Deakin University, Australia, from 1992 to 1994, and studied in the Department of Applied Linguistics at the University of Melbourne for a Master's degree in Applied Linguistics. 2000-2001, he studied for a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics at the School of Education, Newcastle University, Australia. 2005, he received a Linguistics and Applied Linguistics degree from Beijing Language and Culture University. D. degree from Beijing University in 2005. His main research interests include Chinese language acquisition and cognition research, second language acquisition and cognitive neuroscience research, and national language security and strategy research.

He has published "Research on the International Communication of Chinese in the Context of Global Cultural Competition" (2015, The Commercial Press), "Research on the Acquisition and Simulation of Chinese Tone Categories for Second Language Learners" (2017, The Commercial Press), and edited several academic books including "Research on Second Language Acquisition" (2012, The Commercial Press). He has published more than 70 papers. He has chaired and participated in many major projects, key projects and general projects of the National Social Science Foundation of China. He is a member of the editorial board of Chinese as a Second Language Research (CASLAR), the editorial board of Language Strategy Research and Chinese World, and the editorial board of Language Teaching and Research, Language Application, Chinese Language Teaching and Research, and many other academic journals. He is also an anonymous reviewer for several academic journals, including Language Teaching and Research, Language Applications, and Chinese Teaching and Research.

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