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CCSL 2024 National Excellent College Student Summer Camp Recruitment Brochure

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To enhance the understanding of national excellent college students in the interdisciplinary field of "Language Cognition Science", promote communication between outstanding college students, and provide a platform for in-depth exchanges with experts in this field, the Beijing Language and Culture University's CCSL, along with the Key Laboratory of Language Cognition Science under the Ministry of Education, will hold the 2024 National Excellent College Student Summer Camp from July 6 to 7, 2024. The summer camp is now recruiting campers from universities nationwide (including students from our university).

I. Introduction to the Talent Introduction Base and Key Laboratory

The Beijing Language and Culture University's CCSL is an international and open scientific research institution supported by the "Discipline Innovation and Talent Introduction Plan" of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Ministry of Education. It aims to build a discipline in language cognition science, focusing on research directions such as Chinese second language acquisition and cognition, language cognitive neuroscience, and language cognition and brain-like research.

CCSL features an interdisciplinary approach combining linguistics, cognitive science, neuroscience, and computer science. It has formed an international scholar team with top scholars from universities and research institutions ranked among the top 100 in the world, as well as a domestic scholar team comprising renowned scholars, professors, associate professors, doctors, and postdoctoral researchers. Both teams jointly guide graduate and doctoral students in language cognition science. The goal is to cultivate high-end interdisciplinary talents with international academic vision, a blend of liberal arts and sciences, and the ability to teach and conduct research in language cognition science.

As an interdisciplinary field, language cognition science is currently a second-level discipline under the first-level discipline of Chinese language and literature. CCSL not only recruits master's, doctoral, and postdoctoral students in "Language Cognition Science," but also in "Linguistics and Applied Linguistics."

In addition, the "Key Laboratory of Language Cognition Science (Beijing Language and Culture University)" was approved for construction in 2023. The laboratory has three research directions: language cognitive neuroscience, language pathology and neuroscience, and language intelligence and brain-like research. The construction of the key laboratory provides strong support for interdisciplinary innovation and talent cultivation in the base, improving the quality of talent cultivation.

CCSL and the key laboratory are equipped with comprehensive hardware and software conditions for experimental research. They include an eye-tracking lab, a speech lab, an EEG/ERP lab, and an fNIRS lab. They also have scientific and technological talents who are familiar with and proficient in brain imaging techniques such as fMRI, MEG, and fNIRS. The international and open language cognition science laboratories in the base lay a solid foundation for serving the national science and technology development strategy and Chinese language promotion strategy.

II. Introduction to the "Language Cognition Science" Major

Language Cognition Science is the first cognitive science-related second-level discipline established by Beijing Language and Culture University. It combines language acquisition, language cognition, and brain science, utilizing new techniques and methods in cognitive science research to explore the behavioral and neural mechanisms of language acquisition and cognition among Chinese learners.

Language Cognition Science is an important research field resulting from the intersection of the six supporting disciplines of cognitive science: linguistics, psychology, neuroscience, computer science, philosophy, and anthropology. Its scientific goal is to explore the mechanisms and laws of human language production, acquisition, and cognitive development.

The language cognition science major at the base has three research directions: Chinese second language acquisition and cognitive research, language cognitive neuroscience research, and language cognition and brain-like research.

Graduates of the language cognition science major have broader opportunities for further education and employment compared to traditional disciplines. They can pursue scientific research and further education at universities and research institutions related to cognitive science, such as cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, neurolinguistics, and computational linguistics. They can also engage in teaching and research work at international Chinese language education institutions, as well as engage in high-end professional technical training related to education consultation, eye tracking, EEG, fNIRS, and other fields in language education and artificial intelligence-related enterprises and institutions.

III. Recruitment Objectives

Based on the characteristics of the interdisciplinary field of "Language Cognition Science," the summer camp primarily recruits outstanding undergraduate students (including those from our university) with backgrounds in Chinese language and literature, foreign language and literature, psychology, computer science (including artificial intelligence science and automation), and other related fields.

IV. Summer Camp Activity Schedule

1.Activity Dates: July 6-7, 2024

2.Recruitment Major: "Language Cognition Science"

3.Activity Content:The activities include introductions to disciplines and majors, expert lectures, popular science lectures, workshops on "Language and Cognitive Science", experience sharing from outstanding graduate students, comprehensive quality assessments, and more.

4.Activity Format:The various activities and assessments of this summer camp will be conducted through a combination of online and offline methods. For those participating offline, the Intellectual Introduction Base will provide financial assistance for transportation expenses (specific amounts can be inquired by phone), but participants will be responsible for their own accommodation and meals.

V. Application Requirements:

1.Applicants should be outstanding undergraduate graduates (including graduates from the university itself) of various universities across the country for the year 2025.

2.Applicants must meet the basic requirements for national exemption from the entrance examination for postgraduate studies and are expected to obtain the recommendation and exemption qualification from their respective universities.

3.Applicants should abide by laws and regulations, maintain physical and mental health, and demonstrate excellence in both character and academic performance.

4.Applicants must have passed all courses in the first to fifth semesters, and their academic comprehensive performance should be among the best in their major. The specific ranking will be confirmed by the Intellectual Introduction Base. Students with outstanding performance in other aspects may be given some relaxation in the ranking requirement.

5.Each applicant is limited to applying for one admissions unit and one major.

VI. Application Materials

1."Application Form for the 2024 National Excellent College Student Summer Camp of the Language and Cognitive Science Innovation and Intelligence Introduction Base at Beijing Language and Culture University" (Attachment 1, scan the QR code below to obtain, which needs to be reviewed and stamped by the undergraduate department of the applicant);

2.ID card (front and back scanned on the same page);

3.Student ID (with personal information and each semester's registration stamps);

4.Undergraduate transcript and proof of major ranking (stamped by the academic affairs department of the school or department);

5.Proof of foreign language proficiency;

6.Supplementary materials (certificates of awards, papers, research achievements, etc. This item can be omitted if none is available);

7.Applicants must fill in the above materials carefully, ensuring the authenticity and accuracy of the information. Scan and combine the original copies of items 1 to 6 into a PDF file named "Name + 2024 National Excellent College Student Summer Camp Application Materials," with the email subject as "Name + 2024 National Excellent College Student Summer Camp Application Materials." Original copies of the materials must be provided for verification upon reporting.

VII. Application Method

1.Online Application: Applicants should send the above materials to the following email address:

3.Online Application Date: From now until July 1, 2024

4.Qualification Review and List Announcement: The Intelligence Introduction Base will conduct a comprehensive review based on the submitted materials and determine the list of participants for the summer camp. The list will be published on the official website of the Graduate School of Beijing Language and Culture University. After the announcement, the Intelligence Introduction Base will directly notify the applicants themselves (via phone, WeChat, SMS, email, or online announcement). The final list will be based on the announcement on the official website of the Graduate School of Beijing Language and Culture University.

VIII. Assessment and Evaluation

During the summer camp, the Language and Cognitive Science Innovation and Intelligence Introduction Base will adopt various methods to comprehensively assess the participants and select "Excellent Participants" based on their application materials, performance during the camp, and other comprehensive factors. The list of "Excellent Participants" will be published on the official website of the Graduate School of Beijing Language and Culture University.

IX. Support Policies for "Excellent Participants"

1.If "Excellent Participants" obtain the recommendation exemption qualification for graduate studies in 2025 from their respective universities and apply to our university for exemption, they must apply for the same major as that announced for the "Excellent Participants." If the examination subjects for different directions within the major are different, the major and direction must be consistent. If there are adjustments to the major and direction names, they will be subject to the "Master's Degree Program Catalog of Beijing Language and Culture University in 2025" or related notifications. "Excellent Participants" who meet the above conditions can be directly admitted as master's students in 2025 through the recommendation exemption process, without the need to participate in the exemption re-examination.

2."Excellent Participants" must register in the National Recommendation Exemption Service System and fill in our university's volunteer information, and complete the corresponding procedures such as receiving confirmation of the re-examination and waiting for the admission notification according to the actual process. Those who fail to complete the corresponding procedures within the stipulated time of our university will be deemed to have automatically waived their status as "Excellent Participants."

3."Excellent Participants" who do not obtain the recommendation exemption qualification are welcome to continue applying for the base's enrollment major during the unified examination registration.

4.After being admitted as master's students in 2025 through the recommendation exemption process, "Excellent Participants" can choose their mentors during their graduate studies in advance; qualified candidates can take advanced courses for graduate students in our university during their fourth undergraduate year, and the grades obtained in these courses can be recognized after enrollment; those who meet the graduation requirements can apply for early graduation.

X. Participation Fees

No fees will be charged.

XI. Special Instructions

Each applicant is limited to applying for only one educational unit and one major in our school. If you have already applied but cannot participate in this summer camp due to special circumstances, please send an email to explain the situation before July 3.

During the summer camp, all campers must comply with corresponding national laws and regulations, follow the rules of our school, and adhere to the summer camp arrangements. Anyone who fails to report on time, attends activities late, or is absent without reason will be disqualified as a camper.

Please follow the "Language and Cognitive Science Discipline Innovation and Talent Introduction Base" official account for subsequent information.

XII. Contact Information

Contact person: Teacher Ren

Consultation telephone: 010-82303797

Summer Camp Dedicated Email: