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Bridging East and West: Cutting-Edge Perspectives in Language and Cognitive Science - Interdisciplinary Forum on Language Acquisition and Cognitive Neuroscience - Call for Papers (No. 1)

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Date: October 19-20, 2024

Location: Beijing Language and Culture University

The forum aims to bring together researchers across the world who are interested in exploring the link between international Chinese education, foreign language education, and cognitive neuroscience. The forum will focus on topics such as Second Language Acquisition Based on cognitive theory, fundamental theory research in language cognitive neuroscience, social-cultural theory and dynamic assessment research, and more. Altogether, the forum will feature both keynote addresses and symposia representing over 30 presentations on the newest developments in Language Acquisition and Cognitive Neuroscience research.

I. Theme:

Language Acquisition and Cognitive Neuroscience

II. Organizers:

l Center for the Cognitive Science of Language (CCSL), Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU)

l Key Laboratory of Language and Cognitive Science, Ministry of Education, Beijing Language and Culture University

III. Chairpersons:

l Chair: Professor James P. Lantolf (Beijing Language and Culture University)

l Co-Chair: Professor Wang Jianqin (Beijing Language and Culture University)

IV. Forum Highlights:

l Invited speeches by leading scholars from domestic and international academia

l Focus on cutting-edge research in language acquisition and cognitive science

l Exploration of bilingual brain and cognitive neuroscience unknowns

l Utilization of various neuroimaging techniques to scientifically understand human language

l Integration of neuroscience into international Chinese and foreign language education

V. Date, Venue, and Language:

l Date: October 19-20, 2024 (Register on-site on October 18)

l Venue: Beijing Language and Culture University (Attendance is required in person)

l Language: Chinese and English

VI. Sub-Forum Topics:

Sub-forum 1: Language Acquisition and Cognitive Research

l Topic 1: Second language acquisition based on cognitive theory

l Topic 2: Cognitive processing and mechanisms of language acquisition

l Topic 3: Cognitive linguistics and second language acquisition

l Topic 4: Second language acquisition theory and international Chinese language teaching

l Topic 5: Children's language abilities and cognitive development

Sub-forum 2: Language Cognitive Neuroscience

l Topic 1: Fundamental theory research in language cognitive neuroscience

l Topic 2: Bilingual/multilingual processing and cognitive neural mechanisms

l Topic 3: Cognitive neural mechanisms of language processing in special populations

l Topic 4: Neural plasticity and language development

l Topic 5: Cognitive neural mechanisms of second language acquisition

Sub-forum 3: Social-Cultural Theory and Educational Neuroscience

l Topic 1: Social-cultural theory and brain language ability development

l Topic 2: Social-cultural theory and dynamic assessment research

l Topic 3: Social-cultural theory and second/foreign language education research

l Topic 4: Social-cultural theory perspective on second language acquisition research

l Topic 5: Social-cultural theory and educational neuroscience technology

VII. Conference Agenda:



October 19 Morning

Keynote speeches

October 19 Afternoon

Sub-forum presentations

October 20 Morning

Sub-forum presentations

October 20 Afternoon

Keynote speeches

VIII. Paper Submission:

The forum encourages participants to submit abstracts (800 words or fewer) or full papers in Chinese or English. Contributions in language acquisition, cognitive neuroscience, psychology, Chinese and foreign language teaching, especially interdisciplinary studies, are encouraged. If you wish to present your research, please submit either an abstract or full paper for double-blind peer review. Outstanding papers will be published by a central-level publishing house. Upon payment of the registration fee, you will be confirmed as a forum participant.

Please submit your paper or abstract to the email address before September 30th.

If your submission passes the review, we will schedule you to deliver a keynote speech at the sub-forum and notify you the specific arrangement.

IX. Forum Fees and Payment Methods:

1. Student: 600 RMB/person; Teacher: 1200 RMB/person.

Early bird rates (before July 31th): Student: 400 RMB/person; Teacher: 1000 RMB/person.

2. Transportation and accommodation expenses are self-funded.

3. Please register and pay online by May 31th to secure your attendance. Admission is based on payment completion, as the conference is limited to 100 attendees on a first-come, first-served basis.

v Enter the following address to obtain the payment method:


X. Notes:

1. Registration fees are non-refundable.

2. Students need to provide valid student IDs or other proof of student status.

3. Electronic invoices will be issued by default and sent to participants’ designated email addresses after the forum.

XI. Contact Information:

l For forum inquiries, please contact Ms. Ren

l Email:

l Phone: 010-82303797

Please stay updated via the official website of the CCSL, Beijing Language and Culture University:

l Chinese Website:

l English Website:

Scan to follow the CCSL's official WeChat account.