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Branch Style | CCSL Organization Conducts Spring Outing in Beihai Park and Theme Party Day Activities

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On April 12, 2024, during the beautiful springtime, CCSL organized a unique spring outing and themed party day activity for teachers and students at Beihai Park. Everyone not only enjoyed the colorful natural scenery and felt the profound cultural heritage of Beihai, but also deepened their understanding and perception of the idea that "cultural prosperity brings prosperity to the country, and cultural strength brings strength to the nation" through an educational and enjoyable approach.

With reverence for the long history of Beihai Park, the students discussed the integration of traditional Chinese culture with modern society. They enjoyed a leisurely walk through scenic spots such as the White Pagoda, Emerald Lake, Jade Belt Bridge, and the Nine Dragon Wall, leaving behind beautiful memories. Through deep exchanges, they gained a deeper understanding of Chinese history, fostered a sense of collectivism, and further enhanced team cohesion and emotional bonds.

Beihai Park is the earliest existing classical royal garden in China with the most intact preservation and profound cultural deposits. It carries nearly a thousand years of Chinese history and culture, forming a gardening art style represented by royal gardens, and is a masterpiece embodying the essence of gardening culture and art throughout the ages. Through the tour, everyone profoundly experienced the profound cultural heritage embodied in Beihai Park.

The trip to Beihai Park not only provided a platform for members of the branch to understand and exchange ideas with each other, but also enhanced the sense of mission and responsibility of party and league members. Through this energetic and positive party and league day activity, students' pursuit of ideals and beliefs, as well as their confidence in the future development of the party and the country, were further strengthened.