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The CCSL held a“Graduate Exchange Meeting about Research Experience”

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On the evening of November 30, 2023,the exchange meeting invited three special guests: Dr. Hao Yuanyuan from thecenter, Sun Zhijun, a graduate of theCenter’s 2023 class (working at Shandong Normal University), and Zhang Yun, a doctor at Shanghai International Studies University. They shared their rich and valuableacademic experience with theCenter’s graduate students. The exchange meeting was hosted by Li Ziye, the vice president of theCenterGraduate Student Association.

First, Hao Yuanyuan, a third-year doctor at theCenter, started the sharing session. She covered five aspects of scientific research activities, including literature review, experimental design, data collection, and paper writing. In particular, she focused on introducing the experience and skills of literature search, reading, and management, as well as some important points to note when writing papers. The students benefited greatly from her comprehensive and detailed sharing.

The second speaker was Zhang Yun, currently a first-year doctor at Shanghai International Studies University. She emphasized theimportanceof“scientific thinking,”which she believed was crucial for graduate students in conducting scientific research. She shared several ways to enhance scientific thinking and encouraged everyone not to be afraid and anxious. She assured them that as long as they work hard, they will definitely achieve results.

The last speaker was Sun Zhijun, who currently works at Shandong Normal University. She mainly shared how to understand and deeply comprehend lectures by foreign scholars through learning and training. She also explained in detail how to make targeted modifications to articles based on reviewers’comments when attempting to publish papers. This is also the key to publishing research results.

After the sharing session, the three speakers answered and explained the questions raised by the students during the exchange session. The students in attendance expressed that they have learned many practical knowledge and skills through this experience, and the shared content will play a crucial role in their academic journeys in the future.