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Academic Exchange Conference for Teachers and Students

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On November 6, 2023,Center for the Cognitive Science of Language(CCSL)organized an“Academic Exchange Conference for Teachers and Students.”The event invited Vice Researcher Lu Lingxi, Dr. He Tao, and Dr. Jiang Yihanto share their valuable experiences inconducting scientific research. The conference was hosted by Vice Chairman Li Ziyue ofGraduate student union.

This exchange conference is one of the joint learning activities carried out bythe Youth League branches from CCSL andResearch Institute of International Chinese Language Education.Teacher Ren Kexin, Secretary ofthe branch of CCSL, and Teacher Huang Zifang, Secretary of the branch of theResearch Institute of International Chinese Language Education, attended the exchange conference.

At the conference, the first to sharetheexperience was Teacher Lu Lingxi. She presented on the topic of“Literature Reading and Research Process”and introduced practical literature search engines and research platforms. She also discussed effective ways to stay updated with the latest academic trends. She advised new students to quickly learn to use literature management tools to access and manage literature, as it would be beneficial for future research and learning. Lastly, Teacher Lu emphasized that research is not an ideal process and may face difficulties, but perseverance and strong beliefs are essential to achieve satisfactory results.

Next, Teacher Jiang Yihan shared her experience. She first introduced how to grasp the overall framework and forefront issues of the target field through reviewing and writing review-based research. Using a series of examples, such as“shirt style”and“button style,”she vividly explained how innovation and research focus are formed in research. Teacher Jiang also shared relevant experiences in thesis writing, emphasizing the importance of pre-experiments. She advised students not to aim too high but start with simple experimental paradigms and techniques to ultimately complete a high-quality thesis.

The last speaker to sharehisexperience was Teacher He Tao. He shared the five steps of how a good idea can be transformed into a high-quality research report. Firstly, one should choose a topic with theoretical foundations and innovation, focusing on the unresolved issues in the target field. After selecting the topic, pre-experiments should be conducted and experimental conditions documented. Formal experiments should be carried out after multiple adjustments. After the experiments, the data should be carefully analyzed, classified, and organized to ensure a systematic process. When submitting the article and receiving reviewer comments, targeted revisions are crucial for the publication of academic articles.

During the open Q&A session, students engaged in in-depth discussions with the three teachers, who provided detailed answers to the questions raised. Students benefitedfrom the interactiongreatly. The event facilitated the integration of new students into the graduate student life and helped address the learning difficulties they faced since enrollment.

Teacher Huang Zifang fromResearch Institute of International Chinese Language Educationexpressed her gratitude. She mentioned that the solid, rigorous academic style and the spirit of continuous exploration demonstrated by the three teachers have been highly beneficial to her. She also acknowledged the social responsibility and human care exhibited by the three teachers.