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CCSL held the fourth postgraduate student association general election

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Recently, CCSL held the fourth postgraduate association election meeting, which was hosted by Hu Huiyi, the president of the third postgraduate association of CCSL, and all postgraduates of CCSL attended.

Firstly, Hu Huiyi made a summary of the work of the third research association of CCSL. Hu Huiyi introduced in detail the various academic activities and cultural and sports activities held by the third research association, as well as the results achieved by the activities, and shared the experience and gains of the work of the research association, and she also introduced the institutional setup, responsibilities, purposes and service concepts of the graduate association of CCSL.

Next, according to CCSL research association replacement method, the nine candidates of CCSL research association cadres delivered their election speeches in turn, and they discussed their departmental intention, their own advantages and work outlook, and incorporated their work enthusiasm and dedication into their speeches as well. After the election speeches, the students present and online voted by secret ballot and counted the votes according to the principle of democracy, justice and openness. After the vote counting, the fourth graduate student association of CCSL was formally established and the election meeting of the graduate student association was successfully concluded.