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CCSL graduate student association held a communication meeting between new and old students of class of 2022

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On September 5, 2022, the Graduate Student Association of CCSL held a "Communication Meeting between the freshmen and the old students of the class of 2022". The exchange meeting was hosted by Hu Huiyi, the president of CCSL research association, and all the graduate students of Class 2021 and Class 2022 attended.

Hu Huiyi extended a warm welcome to the class of 2022 and introduced the characteristics and research directions of the "Language Cognitive Science" discipline of CCSL. Next, students from the Class of 2021 shared their experiences of postgraduate study and life in turn, and introduced their respective supervisors in detail from three aspects: research direction, cultivation mode and faculty atmosphere, welcoming freshmen to consult and understand the supervisors they are interested in, and encouraging them to face the challenges of postgraduate study and life with a positive attitude.

Hu Huiyi, the president of CCSL Research Association, also introduced the work responsibilities, institutional settings and service concepts of CCSL Research Association, shared her full harvest in the work of the Association, and hoped that freshmen could actively join CCSL Research Association and improve themselves comprehensively. At last, the brothers and sisters answered the freshmen' questions patiently and meticulously, and the online atmosphere was relaxed and cordial.

The exchange meeting strengthened the communication between thestudents of CCSL, enhanced the overall understanding of CCSL and the major, and helped the freshmen to better adapt to the new environment and clarify their goals as early as possible!

We wish that the freshmen of 2022 will be practical and ambitious, make full use of the rich academic resources of CCSL, and make progress on their academic career!