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Prof. Marcus Taft Invited to CCSL Faculty and Student Colloquium (Session 2)

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On April 9, 2024, the base held a spring semester academic seminar for students and faculty (the second session). The presenters of this session were Wang Huiping, a doctoral student of the base, and Lin Lin and Xie Shiyang, master's students of the base. The seminar was hosted by Dr. Yanjun Wei, a full-time scientific researcher of the base, and attended by a number of faculty members including Prof. Jianqin Wang, the director of the base, and Distinguished Professor Marcus Taft, as well as graduate students of CCSL.

Wang Huiping's presentation was entitled "The Neural Mechanisms of Fossilization in Chinese L2 Learners' Syntactic Processing". She introduced the concepts of "Fossilization", "Critical Period" and "Implicit and Explicit Learning". Explicit Learning", pointed out the problems of the existing research, and put forward research ideas and plans. Lin Lin presented a paper entitled "A Study on the Neural Mechanisms of Auditory Modalities in Disyllabic Compound Words-An experiment design ". Taking Chinese compound words as the research object, she utilized the neural image analysis technique to study the effects of transparency and word frequency on the processing of Chinese compound words. Xie Shiyang's report is entitled "The effect of the semantic relatedness between disyllabic words and their constituents during visual word recognition ". She introduced the experimental design and other research contents.

Prof. Taft and the base teachers commented and discussed the report in detail, and made valuable suggestions and comments on experimental design, material control, etc. The atmosphere of the seminar was warm and the students benefited a lot.