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Lecture of Research on Brain cognitive Mechanism of teaching-learning Interaction

time:2022-12-20 views:

On December 14, 2022, Dr. Lifen Zheng from Civil Aviation Management Academy of China was invited to give a wonderful online academic report for teachers and students of CCSL. The report was titled "Research on Brain cognitive Mechanism of teaching-learning Interaction". This presentation is the fifth lecture of the "Fourth Language Acquisition, Cognition and Brain Science Forum" of CCSL. It was hosted by the Associate Professor Rong Jiang, Deputy director of CCSL, and nearly 50 participants attended.

In this report, Dr. Lifen Zheng focused on "cognitive analysis of teaching process" and explained in detail two empirical studies on "brain cognitive mechanism of effective teaching" and "brain cognitive mechanism of teacher-student relationship". Ms. Zheng also introduced two dimensions, "Classroom teaching practice strategies based on the nature of multi-brain interaction" and "Classroom teaching practice strategies based on the synchronization mechanism between the brain", providing new ideas on how to apply brain science achievements in the field of teaching. In addition, Ms. Zheng shared her personal experience in scientific research and encouraged more literature review to obtain more inspirations. The content of the report is rich and interesting, which greatly expands the academic vision of the teachers and students present.

During the question and answer session, the teachers and students actively asked questions, and Dr. Zheng answered them in detail, and put forward valuable suggestions for the research questions, which was highly enlightening.