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CCSL Holds Language Cognitive Science Workshop

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In order to help teachers and students master advanced language experimental techniques, CCSL held a workshop on "Language Cognitive Science Workshop" in the afternoon of October 28, 2021, which was presented by Dr. Le Li, a full-time researcher of the CCSL. The workshop was held in the afternoon of October 28, 2021, and the topic was "Basic concepts and research process of fMRI".

Dr. Li Le gave a detailed introduction from three aspects: basic concepts of functional magnetic resonance imaging, basic types of experimental design, and data analysis. Firstly, Dr. Le Li elaborated the basic concepts of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) such as characteristics, measurement space, scans and parameters, and voxel size through in-depth explanations, elaborate illustrations, and rich and vivid examples. Secondly, Dr. Li Le described three basic types of experimental designs for functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), including group block design, event-related design and hybrid design, and explained the characteristics and studies of each experimental design with examples. Finally, Dr. Li answered the questions raised by students in detail, and the participating students expressed that they benefited a lot.

The "Workshop on Language Cognitive Science" is one of the important events of the base to "help the development and start a new game", and the training of experimental techniques is also a characteristic academic activity of the base. In the future, the base will continue to rely on various advanced experimental equipment to hold regular technical training related to language cognitive science, providing a platform for students and faculty to share and communicate about language science and technology.