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The CCSL Center Conducts Safety Education Training of Laboratary Usage

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On October 22, 2019, “Language Acquisition and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory” of the CCSL Center launched a safety education and training activity. The education and training were given by Dr. Lu Ji, a researcher at the center.

According to various safety management documents and related regulations of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the relevant laboratory of schools, all university laboratories must conduct safety education activities on a regular basis. The training was conducted in the following aspects: fire safety, electricity safety, water safety, and moral hazard of human subjects. Dr. Lu Ji introduced the relevant requirements and regulations of the superior departments, and explained in detail the management system of the language acquisition and cognitive neuroscience laboratory, the matters that students need to pay attention to during the experiment, and the various behaviors that are absolutely prohibited.

More than 20 teachers and students participated in this training and they came respectively from the CCSL Center, Research Institute of International Chinese Language Education, the Education Policy and Evaluation Institute of International Student, and the Department of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. The participants also signed the “Safety Responsibility Agreement” for laboratory use.

In the future, the laboratory in CCSL Center will conduct education and training activities from time to time. The laboratory safety education should prevent problems before they occur. The laboratory requires that personnel must undergo safety education and training and sign a Safety Responsibility Agreement first, and only then are they qualified for the appointment.