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The Center for Cognitive Science of Language Holds the 2019 Tutor-Student Meeting

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On the morning of September 9, the CCSL Center held the 2019 Tutor-Student Meeting. Professor Wang Jianqin, director of the center, and all the researchers of the center attended the meeting.

Professor Wang Jianqin first welcomed the new students to the center. He introduced the historical development, major setup and main features of the school in detail. He also introduced the organization setting, development goals and the uniqueness of the "dual-tutor system" in talent cultivation of the center. He clarified the principles, methods, and precautions that graduate students should follow when choosing a tutor.

Later, the center researchers introduced their research fields and directions, and the freshmen also briefly introduced their interest in learning and future goals. To give them a comprehensive and multi-angle understanding of the research fields of the tutors, the center also organized discussions and exchanges for the seniors and the freshmen so that the freshmen won’t choose their mentor blindly, which encouraged them to be more clear, scientific and prudent when choosing a mentor.