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CCSL Holds the Academic Salon for Teachers and Students

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In order to promote academic exchanges between teachers and students, and to absorb cutting-edge academic achievements, as well as to meet the needs of young teachers and postgraduates of improving their scientific research capabilities, CCSL has drafted the "Administrative Measures for the Academic Salon of CCSL", and plans to carry out regular academic salons for teachers and students. The academic salon will build an interactive communication platform for tutors, young teachers, and graduate students. Academic salon is also one of the most important part in reaching the goal of "promoting the development and opening a new situation". When the activity gradually becomes mature, it will be opened to all teachers and students inside and outside the center.

On the afternoon of May 12th, the first academic salon of the semester was held at 1127 classroom of the New Comprehensive Building. The lecturer of this event was Wang Yu,a Phd Student at CCSL. All teachers and students of CCSL attended the activity. Mainly hosted by Professor Yang Qun, Professor Jiang Rong, the deputy director of CCSL, introduced the significance, background and requirements of the academic salon for the audience.

Wang Yu's lecture topic was "Adults Second Syntactic Ability Plasticity and Adjustment Teaching Research-Based on fNIRS Technology". The report focused on the reasons for the topic selection, research questions, and experimental design, Yu also shared her research ideas. After the report, the participating teachers and students had a lively discussion and exchanges on research issues and experimental design. The teacher fully affirmed the innovation of the research question, combined with his own research experience, put forward his own views on how to choose the experimental paradigm, how to set the difficulty of the experimental task, how to arrange the experimental materials, etc., and gave specific and feasible views. The teachers and students who participated in the activity said that they have benefited a lot from the suggestions. The teachers encouraged students to make bold in innovation and challenges in scientific research.

This academic salon is an "academic feast", which not only enriches the study life of graduate students, but also broadens the scientific research horizons of teachers and students. The academic salon activities will continue to be carried out as a normalized academic activity, this will help to improve the scientific research ability and academic quality of the teachers and students of CCSL.