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The Student Union of CCSL Holds the 2nd Study-plan exchange meeting for Postgraduate Freshman

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On November 18th, the Student Union of  held the second postgraduate freshman study-plan exchange meeting of this semester. The exchange meeting specially invited three guests: Assistant Researchers Dr. Li Le and Dr. Lu Lingxi, Renmin University of China, Faculty of Education Postdoctoral fellow Wang Pengcheng. Zhao Cheng, chairman of the base graduate student association, presided over the exchange meeting. More than 50 graduate students from our school attended.

Dr. Wang Pengcheng shared his experience in conducting academic research from the "truth", "goodness" and "beauty" of academic creation and the two principles (the long board principle and the principle of diminishing gain). He believes that academic creation must have an Editor's perspective, research problems must be "good", empirical data must be "true", writing must be "beautiful", and must learn to use the principle of long board and the principle of diminishing gains to "respect each other. Secondly, he puts forward three learning suggestions: "read more top journals, learn to ask for advice, and recognize your own strengths and weaknesses". In the end, he used "Scientific research is a marathon without an end, and you don't have to donate it."

Dr. Lu Lingxi made wonderful sharing mainly from two aspects of literature reading and research process. In terms of literature reading, she recommends the platforms and information search methods that she often uses to find the latest literature. Regarding how to do research, she suggested: one is to find problems by looking at the literature and discussing and thinking; the second is to solve the problem by hand; the third is to pay attention to details in essay writing. She hopes that graduate students will maintain curiosity and enthusiasm, have patience, and confidence, which will enter a virtuous circle.


Dr. Li Le conducted in-depth exchanges in the four aspects of graduate students' academic planning, course learning, reading literature, work and learning. He emphasized the importance of reading literature and independent learning. Teacher Li also emphasized that the improvement of research ability is a cumulative process; whether to choose a Ph.D. should also be based on personal circumstances. Dr. Li Le also shared how to relieve the pressure of learning based on his own experience, and pointed out that everyone should find a way to relieve pressure that suits them.


How should the graduate students discover research problems? How to regulate negative emotions? In the final interaction time, The three guests also provided practical and effective suggestions based on their own experiences on how to solve the problems.

This exchange meeting helped the graduate students to have a clearer understanding of how to conduct study and academic research, and also gave graduate students a clearer understanding of the three-year study and life. The participating graduate students said that they have benefited a lot.